opening hours nursery group (kkg)

monday to friday from 7.30 to 14.30
open afternoons and/or stammtische with parents till 16.30

our core time, that is the time when all children must be present, is from 9.00 to 12.00 (kkg). individual collecting times for educational reasons are of course possible, after discussion with the team.

open all year except for national holidays, christmas and easter holidays and certain specified days at the beginning of the year.

yearly fee subdivided into10 partial payments

ma10 subsidies already considered

kkg 1: € 608,40 (10 instalments september - june / age: 1-2)
kkg 2: € 568,80 (10 instalments september - june / age: 2-3)
registration fee: € 300,- (once only)
deposit: € 180,- (refundable)

initial contact

you may contact the office of the montessori kinderhaus, either personally or by telephone and/or attend one of our information evenings. taking part in one of our play groups has proven to be a useful deciding factor for parents and a gentle introduction for the child into this new area of his life.


upon application, you will be sent a contract to fill in. please complete this and return it to the montessori kinderhaus and pay the registration fee. (as long as we have not received the registration fee the contract is seen as a pre-enrolment.) if you decide not to accept a place for your child, this fee will be retained for administrative purposes. if a place for your child is not available, the registration fee will be refunded in full.


as a rule, you will receive written confirmation or rejection of your application latest 4 month before the requested starting date. upon confirmation, please pay the deposit. after this payment, the confirmation is binding on the part of the montessori kinderhaus.

method of payment

the monthly fee will be debited from your account via sepa-mandate on the first of each month. these fees must be paid 10 times a year, regardless of absence caused by holiday or sickness.


the length of contract begins with the acceptance on the part of the montessori kinderhaus and the successful payment of the deposit. the kindergarten contract ends at the end of august in the year in which school is compulsory for your child. termination is possible outside of these times only at the end of august and if 4 months notice of termination is given. in special cases - see contract - termination is also possible with only a month's notice given.