parent child group b1

in an environment carefully prepared for very young children, parents can experience what it means to be a respectful companion to a child and can practise this under the aegis of a pedagogue.

interesting things to touch, to look at, to discover and a free choice of simple everyday materials suitable for children. the first montessori materials from the area of practices in daily life, as well as material for exploring the senses. a regularly changed movement area for creeping and crawling, hopping and climbing. simple songs, games and rhymes are the closing activities of the playgroup.

age of group: app. 0 - 1 ½ years
accompanying person: active participation of a parent

parent child group b2

in an environment especially prepared for young children they are able to use the montessori materials without any accompanying separation anxiety. through concrete experiences, parents are able to grow in understanding of the montessori pedagogy.

working using both classic montessori materials and the more recently developed materials from the areas practices and daily life, exploring the senses as well as an area for the first experiences of painting, kneading dough, ripping paper, gluing. movement, material for first fantasy games and celebrating traditional festivals are the closing activities of the playgroup along with games and rhymes.

age of group: app. 1 - 2 ½ years
accompanying person: active participation of a parent